Visonic PowerMaster Speech Box 0-100170

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Visonic PowerMaster Speech Box 0-100170

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Two-way speaker unit for PowerMaxPro and PowerMaxComplete

The PowerMax® Speech Box extends the voice notifications and two-way voice communications capabilities of the PowerMaxPro and PowerMaxComplete control panels to remote locations around the home. It enables occupants to hear status notifications and talk with the central station from parts of the house where the panel’s built-in speakers and microphones cannot reach.

In large homes, especially those with basements or home studios, it is often not possible to hear the control panel’s voice notifications in every part of the house. With the PowerMax Speech Box, residents can easily and conveniently verify alarm activations without having to leave where they are and go to the control panel.

In addition, the PowerMax Speech Box offers peace of mind to families with children and to the family members of elderly people. Working parents can use theSpeech Box’s two-way communications capabilities to speak with their children who may be playing in their rooms, without needing them to go to the control panel. This two-way communication can also be helpful in an emergency by allowing distant family members to check on elderly residents who cannot reach a phone.

The attractive PowerMax Speech Box unit can be mounted on a wall or placed on a flat surface in any convenient, easily accessible location up to 20m (66ft) cable distance from a control panel. In case of tampering or sabotage, an alarm sounds and the event is recorded by the control panel. The Speech Box permits manual volume control adjustment to meet personal preferences.

PowerMax Speech Box Features:

  • Provides extended voice notifications and two-way voice communication capabilities
  • Compatible with PowerMaxPro and PowerMaxComplete
  • Installable anywhere within a 20 meter cable radius from the control panel
  • Built-in volume adjustment
  • ON/OFF push-button switch with visual LED indication
  • Easy wall or desk mount installation
  • Built-in front and back tamper (complies with EN standards)
  • 12V power supply from the control panel
  • Attractive design blends with any decor
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