Visonic PowerMaster Next K9 Cam Pet Tolerant Wireless Camera PIR 0-102122

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Visonic PowerMaster Next K9 Cam Pet Tolerant Wireless Camera PIR 0-102122

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PowerG Two-way Wireless PIR Camera
Next CAM PG2 is a two-way, wireless photo detector  that provides the perfect solution for visual alarm verification, day or night. This detector is typically installed in areas where extra visibility is needed, such as hallways and stairways. When the alarm system is armed and the PIR sensor detects movement, the detector sends an alert to the control panel and activates the camera. The control panel immediately begins sending images of the premises to the central monitoring station. By reviewing the images in real time, security staff can verify the alarm and respond accordingly.

Based on Visonic’s ground-breaking PowerG technology, Next CAM PG2 combines several field-proven advanced technologies and the highly reliable AES encryption method. This combination of technologies delivers extended transmission range and battery life, and unmatched advantages for professional installers, central monitoring stations and end-users alike.

Next CAM PG2 features:
Enables real-time visual alarm verification, day and night, for central
monitoring stations
Sends full color, high-resolution images from the premises via GPRS channels
CMOS camera with IR illumination – operates also in total darkness
Instant capture – ensures image recordings start immediately
Camera range: 12m (40ft); with IR illumination 10m (33ft)
No vertical adjustment needed
Auto-setup for brightness and contrast via the control panel
Longer battery life – 3-5 years in typical use (depending on battery type)
Battery compartment for easy battery replacement
Installer-friendly – adjustment-free installation
Front cover and back tamper
Optional pet-tolerant model (Next CAM K9 PG2) for animals up to 38kg (85lb)

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