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Texecom exodus OH/4W optical and heat multi sensor for high sensitivity to fast burning fires. Compatible with conventional fire panels.

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Texecom Exodus AGB-0001 12v Optical And Heat Multisensor OH4W

Optical & heat multisensor. Heat enhancement ensures high sensitivity to fast burning fires whilst optical chamber provides exceptional false alarm immunity. Example Usage: optimum protection for fastest fire detection.

Fully compatible with conventional fire control panels and 12v Alarm Systems, this sensor combines an optical multisensor for fast detection of all types of fire plus a heat detector (rate of rise) to enhance the sensitivity and provide maximum protection of any installation environment. The sensor is primarily a smoke sensor but if a rapid rate of rise in heat is sensed, the smoke sensor sensitivity is increased to perform more like an ionisaion sensor and will go into alarm more quickly. With advanced digital signal processing on all detector types, the Exodus 4W Series delivers outstanding performance with unparalleled reliability.


  • 10v- 30v/ 2- wire operation
  • Digital microprocessor technology
  • Digital detection algorithms
  • Alarm simulation test button
  • Ceiling connector base
  • Remote led output
  • Alarm simulation test button

Optical & Heat Multisensor additional features:

  • Optical & thermal detection
  • Digital drift compensation
  • Certified to en54-7
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