TAKEX high performance multi-function external ‘small pet’ tolerant PIR with anti-mask function

  • instock
  • PIR-T15AM

TAKEX multi-function high mount (2m-6m) 'small pet' tolerant PIR with anti-masking function

£297.00 + VAT



The PIR-T15 is a high performance triple mirror passive infrared detector designed for both indoor and outdoor intruder applications.

The unique combination of triple mirrors and three twin pyros enable 4 selectable operation modes including Low Position, High Position, Pet Mode, and High Density; for distances up to 15m from a mounting height of 2 to 6m, throughout a full 80 degrees.

Available with (PIR-T15AM) and without (PIR-T15WE) active Anti-Masking technology.


  • 4 Operation modes; Low Position, High Position, Pet Mode, and High Density
  • Up to 15m x 80 degree coverage
  • 2m to 6m Installation height (depending on operation mode)
  • High performance triple mirror optical system
  • Precise detection area adjustment function
  • Anti-masking function (PIR-T15AM)
  • Lightning surge protection
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use (IP55)
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