SATEL MSD-300 Wireless Smoke And Heat Detector

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SATEL MSD-300 Wireless Smoke And Heat Detector

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Smoke and heat detector, designed for early detection of a developing fire. In addition to providing information about the hazard to the control panel, the MSD-300 detector can warn of the danger, using the built-in siren. In contrast to conventional smoke detectors, this device will react not only to visible smoke, but also to a rapid increase in temperature, thus providing more complete protection against the danger of fire.

Product Features:

  • compatible with¬†MICRA¬†alarm module,¬†PERFECTA 16-WRL,¬†PERFECTA 32-WRL,¬†PERFECTA-IP 32-WRL¬†and¬†PERFECTA-T 32-WRL¬†control panels as well as¬†VERSA-MCU¬†and¬†MTX-300¬†wireless system controllers,
  • radio signals from a¬†detector can be retransmitted by¬†MRU-300
  • photoelectric system for detection of visible smoke accompanying the fire development, meeting the requirements of EN 54-7
  • temperature rise detection system, meeting the requirements of Class A1R, according to EN 54-5
  • built-in siren to warn of a¬†threat detection
  • detection and indication of dirt in the detection chamber to facilitate system diagnostics and maintenance
  • manual test and alarm reset button to facilitate regular verification of correct operation
  • precision mechanical filter to prevent ingress of insects and dust inside the detector
  • energy management system to enable many years of operation without having to replace the CR123A lithium battery
  • detection of tamper, e.g. opening enclosure
  • IP code: IP20
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