PYRONIX EURO-280 hybrid control panel

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Pyronix grade 3 hybrid control panel EURO 280.

£110.00 + VAT


The next generation of control panel is here and it’s better than ever! Providing maximum choice and flexibility to deliver the ultimate security solution for any building, the all new EURO 280 is the premium panel for any Grade 3 installation.

Improved processors makle it much more powerful than ever before, the new processor delivers much faster and more accurate data messages

between the control panel and its connected devices.A Dual BUS enables devices to be added in two separate areas to deliver greater security, convenience and contingeny

Rather than having glass fuses that need to be manually changed, the new electrical fuses have the ability to be manually reset. They protect the control panel from any surges of current and while glass fuses break, electrical fuses can be put back into a ready state again. So, if there is any burst of current or voltage, the fuse takes the hit and can be easily and conveniently reset, rather than having to be totally replaced.

Much smaller and more energy efficient than before, this power supply is positioned more conveniently within the control panel to allow room for additional equipment to be installed inside.

Diagnostic LEDS provide local indication as to whether the input wired in is in a healthy, alarm or fault state. These also indicate whether an input is active or inactive and if it has a healthy BUS state.


  • Ideal for larger installations
  • Same programming and menu structure
  • Keypad and Modem sold separately
  • New Processor
  • Dual BUS
  • Diagnostic LEDs
  • 3AMP switch mode power supply
  • Electrical Fuses
  • Grade 3

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