Pyronix Enforcer DIGI-LAN IP Ethernet Module

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Enforcer IP Ethernet Module DIGI-LAN

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A single path communicator that connects to the property’s existing broadband via an Ethernet cable plugged directly into the router. This modem communicates via the Pyronix cloud so there is no need for technical port forwarding; you would create an account on the cloud and connect your phone to it, this enables remote control of the system through the HomeControl+ App or InSite UDL software, with no need to worry about additional data usage, monthly contracts or keeping it topped up. This is a low cost installation that has no hidden or additional costs as it uses your propertys existing broadband connection.

Push notifications can be set up for this system to alert on events however text messaging is not available. It is easily programmed using automatic or manual settings and has a fully secure IP connection. This pyronix enforcer IP ethernet module comes with a 2 year warranty.

  • Network communication module for the IP connected control panels
  • Signalling formats: Fast Format IP (UK Only), Contact ID IP, SIA IP
  • Supports upload/downloading (via Insite UDL software)
  • Certified as SP5
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