EATON EXP-W10 10 zone wired expander for i-on panels

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  • EXP-W10

EATON 10 zone wired expander for use with the i-on range.

£52.66 + VAT



The EXP-W10 is a 10 zone wired expander designed for the i-on range.

This expander provides connections for:

  • Either 10 Fully Supervised Loop zones OR five Closed Circuit Loop zones.
  • One loudspeaker.
  • Four, wired, programmable outputs.

The unit is housed within a white plastic case, which has a built-in shrouded back tamper and internal clips to hold the i-rc01 four relay output expander card.

In addition the expander pcb contains:

  • Memory request button used during device addressing
  • Two digit LED display to show bus address and software version. A piezo sounder for use in the Tracer bus device locator.
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