DVRBOX/LITE Lockable DVR enclosure

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Lockable DVR Enclosure

£72.00 + VAT


Conforms to data protection act 1998 requirements with a powder coated steel construction and a radial lock with interlocking hooked cam that is vented both sides. It can accommodate most small sized NVRs/DVRs

Works with the following recorders

  • DS-7204HTHI-K1(S)
  • DS-7208HQHI-K1
  • DS-7204HQHI-K1(S)
  • DS-7208HQHI-K1(S)
  • DS-7216HQHI-K1
  • DS-7204HUHI-K1(S)
  • DS-7208HUHI-K1(S)
  • iDS-7204HUHI-K1/4S(B)
  • iDS-7208HUHI-K1/4S(B)
  • DS-7604NI-K1/4P
  • Internal 354(W) x 400(D)  x 91(H)
  • External 404(W) x 445(D) x 120(H)
  • Weight 6.3kg
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