Concept Smoke Titanium Ti70 fog generator

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Concept Smoke Titanium Ti70 fog generator

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Titanium has the most advanced electronics pack of any fog generator we have ever manufactured. When connected to a security monitoring platform, its communication capability allows it to assume the role of an on-site signalling device, communicating alerts triggered by its fully programmable inputs. The Titanium Ti70 is the most versatile generator in the range, an effective combination of power, efficiency and utility.

  • SNMPv3 IP protocol.
  • RS485 for Smoke Screen chaining.
  • PID control of heater.
  • 6 fully programmable inputs or 6 fog logic inputs.
  • 7 fully programmable outputs or 7 technical fault zones.
  • 3 additional PGM outputs.
  • Minimum 90 minutes off-mains power at full performance.
  • Intelligent fluid monitoring.
  • Remotely downloadable log buffer for up to 1,000 events.
  • Flexible top-up logic (SmartSmoke mode).

Three PGM outputs allow the remote monitoring centre to trigger ancillary devices such as sounders, strobes or CCTV. Full command firing of the generator is possible securely and remotely with the accompanying software. This provides audit trails, allows for the grouping of Smoke Screens, integrates user management, and more. Additionally, on-board RS485 allows master and slave operation of multiple generators per site. If you do not need all this, SmartSmoke mode lets the generator operate its own logic and take intelligent decisions about the need to fire or not based on the condition of its inputs. In terms of performance, the PID heater control allows for longer, more powerful fog bursts with minimal reheat time in between.


  • 6 inputs and 10 outputs.
  • LCD status display and on-board event log.
  • SNMPv3 IP protocol.
  • PID heat controller.


  • Rugged and compact steel casing in white/black.
  • Environmental pack for installation in confined spaces with elevated ambient temperatures.
  • Machined steel heater block allows use of most persistent smoke chemical.


  • EN50131:8 and IEC62642:8.
  • CNPP Rating: Class I Category 30.


  • 1,000ml/5,000ml fluid system.


  • 46.5(H)* x 13(D) x 31(W) cm *add 0.5cm for feet.
  • Weight: 14kg (pre-install), 19kg (installed).
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