Concept smoke screen batteries S70/S100 BATT-S50/S70/S100

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Concept smoke screen batteries S70/S100 BATT-S50/S70/S100

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Battery back-up has become an integral component of the latest ranges of security fog generators, enabling full system operation and a single activation for up to 90 minutes after complete loss of external power.

There are two main factors that allow us to achieve this: the quality of our heater block and its insulation, and 12V batteries.

The batteries are cost-effective and small enough to incorporate into the body of our generators. We’ve designed the compartment to be a safe distance from the block while not impacting the overall size of the device.

In the event of a deliberate power cut, you have peace of mind that Smoke Screen will still protect.

Smoke Screen Batteries are compatible with the following products:

  • Sentinel S70.
  • Sentinel S100.
  • Titanium Ti35.
  • Titanium Ti55.
  • Titanium Ti70.
  • Titanium Ti100.
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