AJAX AJA-11795 Hub Plus Control Panel – Dual GSM, WiFi & Ethernet – White

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AJAX Hub Plus Control Panel - Dual GSM, WiFi & Ethernet - White AJA-11795

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Ajax hub plus is a second-generation intelligent control panel with four communication channels, a new powerful processor, tripled RAM capacity and doubled flash memory capacity. The Hub Plus monitors the operation of all Ajax detectors and instantly alerts the owner and the security company.

It uses WI-FI ethernet WCDMA and GSM to alarm the Central Monitoring Station and the system’s owner, it can also send a notification in case of electrical power loss and operates for up to 16 hours from battery backup and checks the functionality of detectors at least every 12 seconds.

The Hub Plus is designed to protect large facilities with a great number of rooms and people. New powerful processor and increased memory capacity have expanded the capabilities of the control panel: up to 150 detectors and 50 cameras can be connected to the Hub and you can add 50 users and create 25 groups for room security management.

The Hub Plus is the absolute leader in field in the number of communication channels: the control panel can be connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, WCDMA, and GSM. Taken together, these functions ensure ultra-stable connection and instant alarm sending to the owner’s smartphone and the Central Monitoring Station.

The Hub Plus is equipped with a GSM module with two SIM-card slots that support 2G and 3G networks. Now you can use SIM-cards of two different communications providers without any risk of communications failures. The Hub instantly switches between 2G and 3G networks. If one SIM card does not respond, the second one is activated automatically

The Hub Plus makes it possible to use redundant Internet connection by connecting the central unit to networks of two independent communications providers: the main — via Ethernet, and the backup — via Wi-Fi. If connection of one provider fails, the hub will stay connected and continue monitoring the situation at the site.

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