AJAX Hub Kit 1 Plus White

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  • AJA-16635

AJAX kit 1 plus wireless alarm kit.

£311.00 + VAT


The kit 1 Plus for the Ajax security system.

The kit consists of:


1 x hub Plus

2 x motion protect detectors

1 x door protect detector

2 x fobs

1 x street siren

1 x home siren


The capabilities of the Ajax kits are extended due to being able to connect fire detectors, flood detectors, automation devices and video cameras.

Installation of devices is easy and can be done within 30 minutes. The detectors are connected and set up using the mobile app and then mounted on the SmartBracket that come with the kit. The kit is completely wireless for ease.

They work off 110-250v mains supply and come with up to 15 hours of offline operation when ethernet is switched off.  Battery life on products are 7 years. There is a maximum number of 50 users and can be connected up to 100 devices.


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