AJAX AJA-8209 Fire Protect detector smoke & heat – White

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AJAX Fire Protect detector smoke & heat-White AJA-8209

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AJAX fire protect detector with sounder operates independently from the AJAX hub, the sounder notifies when the detector registers smoke and a steep rise in temperature within the room. The device detects smoke by means of a photoelectric sensor camera, an additional detector registers the temperature increasing in the room.

As some materials burn without smoke emission, the detector also records temperature variation. When the function is enabled, the alarm will be actuated, if the room temperature rises up to 60°С and if the temperature rises by 30° during 30 minutes (even if it is below 60°С).

Installation is simple, the battery is pre-installed and the detector is connected via one click in the mobile app. It mounts using a smart bracket within minutes.

The fire protect detector also Independently tests the smoke chamber and gives the user a prompt notification of the need to dust.

Also comes with jamming detection and communication channels encryption for extra secure connection between your wireless devices and tamper alarm.


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